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Introduction to Covid India

Dear Colleagues

COVID-19 is just a 3-month-old disease that has overwhelmed the world’s entire healthcare system. Unfortunately, no standard treatment protocol has emerged yet.

As physicians practicing critical care medicine or pulmonology, you will come across many publications as well as anecdotal experience shared by doctors treating CoViD-19 around the world. There is a wealth of knowledge emerging in Europe and USA which is not yet published in official journals. We hope that many of the doctors treating CoViD-19 patients in these countries will share their experience with us so that we don’t repeat their mistakes.

We built this website so that Indian doctors can learn from global experience in managing CoViD-19 patients. We will begin by collecting information from multiple doctors, authenticating the source, and publish the findings in this website. This is not a medical journal; it is a repository of knowledge acquired in short duration of time.

We want to make the knowledge acquired by doctors treating hundreds of CoViD-19 patients available to doctors who are just beginning the journey of treating CoViD-19 patients.

This website is meant only for healthcare workers and is not meant for the general public. Every article or experience sourced from social media will be authenticated and evaluated by pulmonologists, intensivists or other specialists because the whole purpose of creating this website is to offer trustworthy information to doctors treating CoViD-19 patients.

Please send us any material, videos, stories, guidelines for treating CoViD-19 patients that you believe will be useful. We will recognize your contribution and publish the article after authentication.
If you would like to be a reviewer, please send us your biodata.

Looking forward to hearing from you

With warm regards

Dr. Murali Mohan B V

Senior Consultant
Internal Medicine & Pulmonology
Narayana Health

Dr. Jose Chako

Sr. Consultant, Critical Care Services – MICU
Narayana Health

Dr. Sanjay Orathi Patangi

Sr. Consultant, Critical Care Services – AITU
Narayana Health